• August 6, 2020

Why Kenyans & Nigerians Believe Coronavirus is a Scam

Media reports confirm that many Kenyans believe that Coronavirus is not real and some describe it as the ‘biggest lie of the century’.

If you publicly declare in Kenya that you have the virus. are in danger of being castigated as a liar desperate for attention or a government stooge, according to media reports.

A good reference is the case of Ivy Brenda Rotich, the first Covid-19 patient to leave hospital in April after treatment in the east-African country.

Ms Rotich was criticised heavily on social media as someone supposedly sent to the media by the government to convince Kenyans that Covid-19 was real.

Many Kenyans say those who claim to have the virus do so to keep donor funding flowing for the containment of the virus.

Some of them clam they have not seen convincing images that the virus is real. “We have seen images and clips that HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis are real. We have lived with Tuberculosis patients. Covid-19 is a scam the government is using to steal money, says a Kenyan trader in Nairobi.

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Initially, in the grassroots in Kenya, Covid-19 was considered a foreigner’s disease and Africans were falsely thought by some to be resistant to it.

With over 14,000 cases of the disease and about 250 deaths, some still struggle to believe the disease exist even as global level of infection is over 15 million with over 600,000 deaths globally.

Also, a well-known motivational speaker and Pastor Robert Burale was recently accused of faking his Covid-19 positive status despite images showing that he was in a Nairobi hospital.

And Benson Musungu, the director of Youth Affairs in former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s Orange Democratic Movement, was falsely accused of receiving a huge pay-out from the government to publicly say that he had received 15 days of treatment in the intensive care unit of a city hospital.

Unfortunately, such reactions have shamed many Covid-19 survivors into silence in Kenya.

Additionally, Kenya is not the only African country where Covid-19 is largely believed to be a lie, reports confirm that many poor people in Nigeria and other African countries share same faith, with some claiming the disease is not as lethal as being ‘hyped’ and that local herbs can cure it.

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Reports confirm that ignarance and poor education are some of the reasons some Africans believe the disease is a lie and many Africans are poor and ignorant, as these promote the ‘ideology that the Covid-19 is a scam.

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Femi Oshin

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