• August 6, 2020

Entrepreneur and risk taker – Thobile Ntuli

A 38-year-old woman customises shoes and turns those into a piece of art that everybody wants to grab themselves a pair.

Thobile Ntuli, who lives in Jeppestown Johannesburg, South Africa, is grateful for her skills with paint and a paintbrush, which puts food on her table for herself and her family during this pandemic.

The young lady from Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, taught herself how to paint in 2017 and registered her business in 2018.
When she registered the company she named it “LuthiCreatives”.

Luthi was her late grandmother’s name from her father’s side, she found this to be the most meaningful name to honour her late grandmother for supporting her and her siblings, while their father was absent in their lives.

The University of Zululand Bachelor of Arts in Acting graduate stated that this business was motivated by her not having an income when her job as an assistant director for production was paused because of financial difficulties at SABC in 2017.

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She wanted to do something different and that would have a large target market.

One of her inspirations was a world-renowned Ndebele artist, Dr. Esther Mahlangu.

This is when she began teaching herself how to paint.

She stated that the first painting she did was not so nice to her but she did post it on social media and it got positive feedback.

She calls herself a dangerous risk-taker because of the decisions she has made in the past.

After she did her BA degree in Acting she got a job as a dramatic arts teacher at a high school, after two months she quit.

She stayed at home for about 5 years.

During the years she had no job, she bought a bass guitar and taught herself how to play, and started playing Maskandi (a Zulu music genre).

In 2008 she had a son and when he was 5-years-old she moved to Johannesburg, South Africa, with no plan of where she was going to go.

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In 2014 she got her first job which ended in 2017 because of the cancellation of a show she was supposed to shoot.

She stated that she would make very weird earrings but she never thought she would end up painting shoes.

When the lockdown came in South Africa the young lady had no idea what was going to happen to her but she was confident that her savings would be enough for her to survive on.

When level 4 of lockdown came about she applied for a permit and started working again.

To her amazement, people from abroad have started ordering from her which she is grateful for.

LuthiCreatives gives customers two options which are to either bring their shoes or she provides the shoes, for customers abroad, she provides the shoes.

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