• August 6, 2020

Davido Dumps Chioma Who’s on Sick Bed & Goes on ‘Bae-cation’ with His ‘ex-Bae’

Davido the African-Nigerian, singer-songwriter takes headlines again.

The young man has been making headlines often lately, from telling the world that Chioma has Covid-19 (to allegedly cover up the fact that he was beating her), to Chioma being seriously sick, and now he goes on “Bae-cation” with his ex-girlfriend while Chioma is very sick.

Davido’s lawyer, Bobo Adejua posted that Davido and the DMW (Davido Music Worldwide) team had to go to United States for some unfinished business.

A blogger stated that Davido did not only go to the United States for unfinished business but he also went to spend time with his ex-girlfriend, Sophia Momodu, and his daughter, Imade.

The blogger also stated that Davido took his ex-girlfriend and daughter on a “bae-cation”.

She went on to express how she would not be happy if she was Davido’s partner and suggested that he should have either taken his daughter alone, with Chioma, or simply given Sophia money to take Imade on her own.

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Stating that she would not be happy with going onto the internet and seeing her man chilling with his “supposed ex” in the name of giving his daughter a treat.

Davido was seen in a Jewellery store with Imade and Sophia, supposedly having a nice time together.

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Moyahabo Raholane

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