• August 6, 2020

Hushpuppi’s Fraudster Gang Member Pleads Not Guilty For Fraud Charges. – Woodberry

Olalekan Ponle, also known as Woodberry, a suspected Nigerian fraudster has pleaded not guilty to fraud charges laid against him.

This was when he was called before Magistrate Judge Jeffery Cummings of the United States District Court in Illinois.

Woodberry is friends with the well-known fraudster Hushpuppi and was arrested with him and ten other gang members who were involved in money laundering and cyber fraud.

Woodberry appeared in court on the 25th of July 2020, he acknowledged the charges and plead not guilty and the court dismissed his case.

The Dubai Police stated that before the arrest they had been trying to make sure that they did their best to keep up with the latest technology to catch the suspects because fraudsters always use the latest technological appliances and software.

The commander-in-chief of the Dubai Police commended the great efforts of the police force team that arrested the suspects for doing their best to keep up with the latest technology.

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The group was suspected of money-laundering, cyber fraud, hacking, criminal impersonation, scamming individuals, banking fraud, and identity theft.

They hacked corporate emails to deceive clients into making money transfers to the gang’s bank account.

They used multiple bank accounts to hide their money and deposits were more than $8.7 million.

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