• August 6, 2020

Over A Thousand Migrants Die Yearly In Africa

With many people trying to leave their home countries because of wars or poverty, to seek a better like, what lies ahead of them may be worse than what they face at home.

While crossing Africa many migrants have suffered, being abused, along the way.

The United Nations (UN) reported that about 72 people die every month on the continents routes.

Many people have also lost their lives trying to cross the sea to go from Africa to Europe.

Going from West to East Africa up towards the Mediterranean can be just as dangerous as trying to go to Europe.

The UN Refugee Agency and the Danish Refugee Council’s Mix Migration Centre (MMC) stated in a report that on the journey no one cares if you live or die.

Migrants who decide to take this journey experience extreme brutality by smugglers, traffickers, and sometimes state actors.

In 2018 and 2019 at least 1 750 people died.

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Nobody has known about the abuse of these migrants for many years because those who survived chose not to speak up, until now.

Many of the migrants are left traumatised after seeing a large amount of brutality.

Many of those who have tried to cross the Mediterranean have been sent back by Libyan coastguards, after going through such a tough journey.

More than 6 200 refugees were sent back from Libya this year.

Everybody, but mostly women and girls, who gets to checkpoints face high risks of being raped, or sexually abused.

Most of the survivors state that they have been abused in more than one location.

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