• September 27, 2020

23 Condoms That Block Toilet Result In Divorce

A Nigerian man wants to divorce his wife that he suspects of infidelity after a plumber pulled out 23 used condoms which have been blocking the toilet at his house that was built less than a year ago.

A young man who claimed the man is his uncle shared the story and attached some photos of recently used condoms which he claimed had semen.

He stated that his uncle and wife have been married for two years with one daughter and they celebrated their wedding anniversary recently.

He also stated that his uncle was astonished at the sight because he is hardly home and he does not use condoms with his wife.

The young man stated that his uncle would have never known that his wife brings a man to their home, a man which was introduced to the young man as the wife’s cousin.

He stated that his uncle called the plumber and once the plumber had finished the work he called the uncle to see and to his surprise it was condoms, one which was still fresh and full of semen.

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He was surprised because he does not use condoms with his wife since they got married and he just built the house not even a year ago.

Now their married is on the verge of a divorce.

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Moyahabo Raholane

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