• September 25, 2020

Boity Thulo Has A Stylish 50th Celebration For Her Mom

Boity Thulo, a South African TV personality and rapper, recently surprised her mother with a beautiful birthday party.

Boity Thulo has shown to love spending time with her mother, and last week she decided to surprise her with an intimate party to celebrate her exquisite 50th.

Pictures of the classy back yard back were posted on Boity Thulo’s Instagram, with a caption that thanked everybody who made the celebration possible.

She stated that without their family and friends the day would not have been complete without their presence, that their constant love, support, and care means the world to them, and she lastly thanked them for everything they do for them.

In the picture her friends and family were seen drinking personalised cocktails, eating paella, and dancing.

Boity Thulo’s mother was said to have been very happy with how the special day turned out.

Boity Thulo and her mother have a special connection and relationship, and a few weeks ago Boity posted on Twitter stating how proud she is of her mother and her calling.

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She stated that she feels as though she is a cool child because she is able to say that her mother is a sangoma.

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