• September 27, 2020

My Boyfriend Set Me & My Daughter Ablaze. My Daughter Died But I Forgive Him – Survivor’s Large Heart

Boyfriend set South African woman, Thembi Maphanga and their daughter ablaze and left them to die after a disagreement.

She reminisced on the horrid incident on Tuesday, September 15. She said they agreed to end the relationship after a quarrel and the baby father agreed to leave the home they had shared with their daughter, Kamo, who was 25-months old then.

Then, horror struck the next day when he came to fetch his belongings.

The boyfriend went into Thembi’s bedroom with a can of gasoline, shut the door and saturated the place with gasoline.

She helplessly screamed for help while fighting him off but he prevailed and struck a match and set her ablaze.

He jumped off the fire engulfed room via the window, leaving Thembi and their daughter to burn to death.

Thembi suffered burns to nearly 80 percent of her body while Kamo’s burns were more severe. Both were rushed to the hospital by neighbours where the daughter died three days later.

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This incident occurred ten years ago, Thembi, popularly known as Miss T, said it feels like it happened yesterday, as she posted about it on social media yesterday.

“I Remember it like it happened yesterday.We had an argument, the next thing he decided to play God with our lives. He dosed us with petrol fought with him so he can’t ignite the match but he over powered me. Boom…he left us there in the locked bedroom to die. Unfortunately, my daughter didn’t make it. I made peace. I forgave him. I accepted things I can’t change”

The ex boyfriend was arrested and convicted for attempted murder and murder.

The incident took place March 14, 2010.

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