• October 31, 2020

Birth Control Pill Should Have Been Created for Men – Eric Benet. Birth Control Pill for Men Coming in 10 Years – Scientists

American Rhythm and Blues (R&B), singer Eric Benèt shakes the table globally when he said birth control pill was created for the wrong gender.

The songwriter gain plenty friends who echoed his sentiment that birth control pill should have bee created for men.

The 49-year-old celeb highlighted on Twitter explaining a man can impregnate four women a day, per year which is equivalent to 1460 pregnancies, while a woman can give birth only once a year.

His premise got many people thinking perhaps scientists didn’t think deep enough when they were creating birth control pills.

Birth Control Pill is used to prevent unwanted pregnancies. It contains hormones that block the release of eggs from the ovaries.

Media reports also confirmed that a birth control pill for men has passed initial human safety tests, which means Benet’s prayers have been answered.

The once-daily pill contains hormones designed to stop sperm production.

This would be an addition to condoms or vasectomy – the only options currently available to men.

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But doctors at the Endocrine Society’s annual meeting were told it could still take a decade to bring it to market. So, in the next ten years, birth control pill for men will hit the market.

The female pill was launched in the UK more than 50 years ago.

Some say there has been less societal and commercial will to get a male pill off the ground – but opinion polls suggest many men would consider taking it if a pill did become available.

A United Kingdom (UK) survey by Anglia Ruskin University, in 2011, found 70 out of 134 women would worry that their male partner would forget to take a pill.

Biologically, the challenge of creating a hormone-based pill for men is making sure that it doesn’t blunt sex drive or reduce erections.

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