• October 20, 2020

Ethiopians Face Beatings, Electrocutions, Diseases as They Rot in Saudi Arabia Prisons

An investigative report revealed that some 300 Ethiopians are detained in Saudi Arabia prison.

The source of the information disclosed that no one knows when Ethiopia’s government might come to their aid.

The report came from a filthy cell in Saudi Arabia via an Ethiopian migrant who spoke on a smuggled phone, fearing to give his name.

He said: “We are detained in a very inhumane condition, sleeping on waste overflowing from a nearby toilet. We really want to go back home but no one is assisting us, including Ethiopian officials”.

His revelation to the The Associated Press from a detention centre outside the Saudi capital, Riyadh stirred sympathy from his fellow country men back home but nothing has been done yet by the government.

The anonymous source stated further: “We are beaten every day, and our only crime was seeking a better life in a foreign land.”

Additionally, new details are emerging of the squalid detention conditions facing thousands of migrants from Ethiopia — men, women and children — some who were chased across the border from Yemen into Saudi Arabia this year amid gunfire because of coronavirus fears.

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A new report released on Friday by Amnesty International describes widespread abuses in Saudi detention facilities, including beatings and electrocutions. Detainees described being chained together in pairs and being forced to use cell floors as toilets.

Amnesty researcher Marie Forestier says in the report that:“Surrounded by death and disease, the situation is so dire that at least two people have attempted to take their own lives. Pregnant women, babies and small children are held in these same appalling conditions, and three detainees said they knew of children who had died”.

The abuses highlight one of the most popular, and most dangerous, migrant routes in the world. The Saudi government did not immediately comment.

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