• October 20, 2020

#WOW: Indonesians Live with the Dead. Chinese Men Walk on Hot Coal to Married

What is a norm in one community may be a taboo in another.

It is almost hard to say a particular culture is weird, as your norm is weird to some people, as we look at three “INTERESTING CULTURAL PRACTICES” around the world.

In a part of Indonesia, the Torah people don’t bury their loved ones but rather the Toraja people exhume their corpses.

This tribe dresses the corpse in special garments and parade them around the village.

Afterward, the corpse receives tender-love-care taken to clean the body, the garments and coffin.

And is someone dies outside the village, the corpse will be taken to the spot of death before being walked back to the village as an act of returning home.

A people in China walk on coal with a person on their back.

A husband should carry his bride over a pan of burning hot coals when entering their home for the first time. The myth is that if he does this, she will have an easy, successful labor.

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In the province of Lopburi, Thailand, the local monkeys are treated to a special feast at one of the strangest festivals in the world.

Fruits, flowers, cake, and candy are set up buffet-style on tables in Lopburi’s downtown area. The monkeys are attracted by the food and come in hoards to enjoy their annual feast.

This festival now holds every November 25 as it gets more popular.

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